MBD currently employs 75 excellent digital specialists who are dedicated to achieving our clients’ business goals through all the possibilities of digital media.

Our key roles are:

  • Digital strategists
  • RTB and programmatic buying specialists
  • Project managers and digital project coordinators
  • Social media specialists, content creators
  • Digital media planners and optimisers
  • Creative director, designers and videographer
  • Analysts
  • Project manager for influencer marketing
  • SEM and SEO specialists
  • CRO specialist

Having different specialists means that we have 4–6 people working on a single online campaign, each with their own area of expertise. This is important because there is no longer a role for multitalented people in digital media who do everything on their own. The same person cannot be a good Google Ads specialist, a social media content creator and designer, and an RTB campaign optimiser.

We believe in strengths-based PD and leadership: with us, you’ll get a broad digital background and the chance to specialise in the area that speaks to you most.



The foundation of a SEM agency Clickit, a predecessor of MBD


MBD became the first comprehensive digital media agency in Estonia


We won Äripäev's marketing award for the first time


We achieved a 50% export share


We established a subsidiary in Ireland


Local MBD agencies started in Latvia and Lithuania

We always have valid digital marketing certificates

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