Analytics and Tag Management

Digital analytics helps to measure, visualize and optimize the business outcomes for our clients.

Our Analytics services include implementation, consultation and training. We will help you understand what, why and how is wise to measure, in order to be able to drive business and make business decisions based on existing data.

The scope of our Analytics services includes the following platforms: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Data Studio, conversion and retargeting data for advertising channels. Whether it’s basic setup or advanced tracking, such as setting up offline conversions, app events, or sending custom information to web analytics accounts, our 11 GAIQ certified specialists will help your Analytics dreams come true.

Analytics consultation
Our analytics consultation helps you understand what you have and what you need, and what you need to get there. We will help you analyze your current setup and propose actionable solutions to help you capitalize on the data you have, including both data and channels/routines to turn it to business growth.

Analytics training
Since 2018, we have run over 100 Analytics trainings and workshop sessions tailored to the needs of our clients. The training helps your team to develop the skills you need to understand the Google Analytics basics or completing GAIQ certification. During the training we cover several themes: accounts settings, also custom solutions and setting up/managing dashboards.

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